You were born in the shade of a golden age

That was gilded with the blood of slaves

And though you never let on your life begun

In a world haunted by a million graves

You made corned beef hash on Mondays 

And you rode to our house on the bus

And though I know you felt we were lazy and spoilt

Still you never made a fuss

I suppose your wisdom was in what you didn’t say 

And in your quiet, careful love

For you never forgot a birthday

Or the names of the ones we loved


You were often overlooked at parties

Though you didn’t seem to mind

You sat alone with your favorite drink

Thinking of earlier times

I wonder what you made of what the world became 

In a century of accelerating change

I wonder if it touched you much at all

For you always seemed the same

I think I’ll remember you most of all 

For those quiet winter nights

When I drove you home

In the artificial light

I used to ask you questions about the past

About what it was like for you as a girl

But you never gave me very much

I think we came from different worlds

And I’d come inside for a cup of tea

To your cosy little flat

We would watch a game show on TV

And that was the end of that

I suppose I never really knew you

But that’s no reason to be downcast

For the thing that counts is I had no doubt 

Of your love until the last. 

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