For Today

I love your willowy body, your feet that walk a little 10-to-2

Your slim, intelligent hands. Your body

I love the wildness in your eyes

Their endless blue


I love your laugh, free and real and wanton

I love that you’re a sinner just like me

I love it how you turn your hair behind your ear

I wish that I could see what you can see


I’ve missed you all this time that I’ve been missing

Lost in illusion, dreaming life away

And so alone despite you there beside me

I lived by night even though it was day


I am here to praise you, I am the ground beneath you

I am a witness to the divinity you incarnate

I don’t want to miss a single moment of your presence

Our time is precious, the hour is getting late


I love the way you curl yourself in shyness

Even shyness has a kind of grace

I love that I have witnessed your body changing

You have only grown more beautiful with age


I love that you will never stop believing

In the power of truth, and in a brighter day

I see bright days illuminate our future

But first I’ll learn to love you for today.

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