For Today

I love your willowy body, your feet that walk a little 10-to-2

Your slim, intelligent hands. Your body

I love the wildness in your eyes

Their endless blue


I love your laugh, free and real and wanton

I love that you’re a sinner just like me

I love it how you turn your hair behind your ear

I wish that I could see what you can see


I’ve missed you all this time that I’ve been missing

Lost in illusion, dreaming life away

And so alone despite you there beside me

I lived by night even though it was day


I am here to praise you, I am the ground beneath you

I am a witness to the divinity you incarnate

I don’t want to miss a single moment of your presence

Our time is precious, the hour is getting late


I love the way you curl yourself in shyness

Even shyness has a kind of grace

I love that I have witnessed your body changing

You have only grown more beautiful with age


I love that you will never stop believing

In the power of truth, and in a brighter day

I see bright days illuminate our future

But first I’ll learn to love you for today.


I bought a house 

Because they said you should

It was medium-sized 

All in all, quite good. 

The first year we were there 

The septic tank went

Some men came with a truck 

It was money well spent


Because the shit piles up 

If you don’t take care

All those Sisyphean tasks

Become hard to bare


Bins out on Thursday

Recycling every other week

Sweep, clean and wash stuff

Try to keep things neat


The wife’s better at surfaces 

But she’s as messy as a pup

I put things away 

But I can’t be arsed to cook

We live here with our daughter 

She’s not four feet tall 

Six years-old

The lodestone of it all


I can’t say it suits me

The home owner tag

But it’s probably better than renting

Which was also a drag


I once met a hermit

He had a hut by a mine

He drank like a fish

And existed out of time


I couldn’t wait to get away

His home was filled with ghosts

My home is filled with plastic toys

And clothes, and broken phones


I sort of think I love it though

While I kid myself I don’t

I just never thought I’d ever 

Get to be fully grown.